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It’s been a year from that day we met in a karaoke bar celebrating a birthday and a breakup. The day that changed my life in more ways that I could ever imagine. And as I sit here at work I realize a few things…

  1. My brain is on you so it’s hard to work.
  2. It was also hard to write my post for Sands.
  3. I ardently miss you.

You said you’d be in meetings all day when you texted at 3a. I wished I got the message than so I could have at least told you I missed you. And to have a great day. This living on different coasts can be challenging can’t it?

Well, my love, though we weren’t us until far later, today a year ago everything that happened that night – the smile when you walked in, the dancing, the singing, the kiss got us to where we are. Now, I only wish you were here to celebrate that with me. Until then, I’ll look at the night sky, stare at the same stars, and hold you close in my heart.

Happy Anniversary to us. I hope you’re having an amazing day. xoxo