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And just like that life decided to go a different way.

Their world would gather
Holding their breath
For the magic from within
Heartfelt prayers lifted,
“Thy Will, Lord.”
As new life would begin

She stood there watching
Feeling like a stranger
Holding on for dear life
Straddled between
The hope of the future
And her past strife

Every minute that passed
She’d watch the events
In utter disbelief
Refusing to accept
The situation
The potential grief

Every day that elapsed
Hope would grow
In the thick of her heart
Unable to swallow
To take a breath
To heal the monster scars

She watched their world
Continue on
In hopes to adopt
Exhaustion raining
Gray as ash
The inner being forgot

And yet she would hold on
Protecting the gift
That she held so dear
Hope rising
At the sight, pictured
Blurred but so very clear

But then the darkness came
To steal and break
What wasn’t hers
To strike with anger
From her world
Bringing forth her curse

Now on her knees
In brokenness
Praying in despair
Can she not
Just for once
Release the cross she bears

I’m sorry I never acknowledged you. I was too afraid. Now, now I’m just empty.

xoxo baby.