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Drunk doesn’t suite you. 

Neither does calling me at 3am. 

I am glad you enjoyed the time with my mother. But, the conversation you looked to have tonight wasn’t going to happen. I understand now how it must feel when I am intoxicated and all my senses are too numb to know what is good and what isn’t. 

I’ve said it before, polyamory isn’t for everyone. Hell, I didn’t even know it was for me until a few years ago. I don’t even think it’s for him, although he tries. At least he tries. Tries to understand. Tries to figure out if he can make this work. You still question if it’s possible. Yes, my love, it is. 

They say when you’re drunk the truth comes out. I really hope it’s not time to say goodbye. I want to say I hope you don’t remember your words in the morning. If you do, I wouldn’t want to be you when you awaken. xoxo