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You are a few hours away from saying your final goodbye. I wish I could have been there for you today. I’m so very sorry. I wish I could stand beside you today, hold your hand, and support you like I told you I always would. No matter what has gone on between the two of us, our universes will always know one thing: you and I will always be you and I. No matter where life takes us the effort, the support will always be there – a reinforced alliance pushing each other to be better.

Today, as you stand on the podium to give out your father’s eulogy, know that though mistakes were made, you are so much stronger than you were a year ago. You have become a better man. Just, don’t lose hope from that. Continue to press on. Continue to grow. Continue to be the man he knew you could be.

As promised I sent you this poem. I was devastated by your dad’s passing and this came out. I don’t know why you were so taken from it, but if it helps, I’ll do anything. Take care of yourself, amore.

Sempre e per sempre. xoxo


Death knocked on our door today
Asking to come in
We had no choice from today’s events
But to welcome him

I wasn’t prepared to greet him
Not a stranger in my life
He’s graced my doorstep before
Causing me such strife

I looked into his darkened eyes
Greed of life looked back at me
I shivered with the knowledge
A loved one’s life would not be free

Death grinned a ghoulish smirk
Shattering my thoughts
Why must we have to endure this pain
Tying my heart in knots

Black smoke billowed in the air
I couldn’t catch my breath
The stench of something stagnant
The pungent smell of death

His scaly hands reached for him
I quivered in such fear
We had no way to stop his gait
From choosing one so dear

Death closed our door today
After taking someone’s life
Powerless we were to stop him
As we watched a life’s demise