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It’s been a long night. And this weekend is shaping up to be long too. I wish I could sleep this away. This feeling seems so meaningless. I’ve been trying to shake it for a bit now and nothing. No matter what I do, nothing. I tried to figure it out, talk about it, and still nothing. What’s going on? xoxo


A wall has been built
I can’t seem to get in
I’ve knocked many times
Trying to break in

Sometimes I feel like
I’m being punished for past sins
As it piles up higher
To break what has been

Secrets are mounting
Hearing familiar footsteps
Distancing itself
I’m feeling perplexed

I can’t be the only one
To talk my way through
So instead I’ll stop talking
Until you start talking too

I’ve got no secrets to hide
No feelings unshared
Raw and awaiting
For you to come bare

Some scaled my walls
I know the struggle
Yours have gotten higher
Whether I’m loud or subtle

Think about what’s happening
Keep me in, push me away
Here’s my hand take hold
Do you want me to stay?