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The world is quiet tonight. I sit with a cup of tea in hand looking out in the dark behind my apartment. Not even Ash and his fellow wild rabbits are gracing my back yard. It’s a reminder that everyone deserves a time of peace.

I still can’t find my phone. I’m sure it’ll turn up somewhere. My husband says to wait until the morning when I’m completely sober to find it. I guess he’s right as it happens much too often where I do something stupid. Except for the fact I wrote a letter intoxicated and my best friend deserves more than that. She definitely deserves a better apology then the one I gave, though I meant every word.

I reread the letter just a few minutes ago and thought about all of my demons. I have a lot, much like most people. And so, I penned this tonight. xoxo


What do you tell your demons
That keep you up at night
Who sneer at your failures
Who can dominate the fight?
Can you tell them to quiet down
From the jeering that they make?
Or to let you go in freedom
To forgive your past mistakes?
I have begged my demons
To leave me, let me be
But never do they listen
They bid their time quietly
And when the world is clear
They scheme their attack
Waiting for the perfect moment
To create a setback
They cut through my defenses
With stealth like motion
Hitting the most fragile spots
Leaving me lost and broken
A war will always break out
But they won’t win the fight
The battle may be theirs
But I will see the light
My demons may haunt me
Thanks to my mistakes
But they cannot control
What isn’t theirs to take