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I can’t sleep. There are too many questions sweltering my brain. My nerves have denounced sleep from a tired body. I need to be up in less then three hours and yet every part of me yearns for something. Something more? xoxo


Would things be different
If I knew years ago
The person I am
The person I can’t show
Would he still love me
Knowing the truth
That I am who I am
This is me, introduced

Would things be different
If I said I was too young
Turned down a proposal
Before life had begun
Would I have taken the time
To explore the world
Learn who I was
Leaving no page unturned

Would things be different
Would he accept me for me
If I had known the truth
Living in complete honesty
Would we still have become one
Knowing this isn’t a phase
Knowing love can happen
In so many ways