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I struggle often with who I am. I think four people actually know who I really am. Of the four only one actually accepts who I am. So it is a constant battle of pleasing everyone. I hope this is the right thing. But, I need the weight off.

In My Dreams

You came to me in my dream
Caressing my hand
Like you’ve done before
During our one night stand
I can’t get you out
No matter how hard I try
Remembering that night
I curl up and cry
I know this won’t work
Though I wish it would
Living freely with both
If only I could
Let you go is a must
Though my heart’s too involved
So I dream of you instead
This problem unresolved

My dreams are more vivid lately. I seized an opportunity and I am now paying it in more than one way. I’m hoping this first post, and the start of the blog helps me to move on. xoxo