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Dammit C.

And just like that World War III.

I know how you feel. I know why you feel that way. But, I must say the letter was for me and not for you. It was goodbye not so long.

Miles and miles away doesn’t fix a broken heart. Or a broken relationship. It doesn’t fix an always, a once was, an almost.

Everything was written with intentional feelings. True to how I felt between us and apart. I have spent most of the night see a bombardment of messages and emails wanting to “talk.” What you don’t see is there is no more talking. You’re drunk and delirious and probably will do something stupid tonight. But, I’m sorry. I’m no longer the person you need. I am not your savior. Your saving grace. I’m sorry if the letter hurt you.

My friends always said letting you go would be worth it. That it was the right thing. And they were right.

I hope you seek the help you need.

Forever goodbye. xoxo